Leftover Sushi Fried Rice


Transforming leftovers into a delicious meal is almost a ethereal art form hehehe, and fried rice is one of the easiest and simplest ways to elevate some leftovers to a quick and yummy meal. This recipe for fried rice with leftovers utilizes cold, day-old rice, this is the key ingredient for any good fried rice, that ensures each grain remains distinct and non-clumpy when stir-fried. Whether it’s leftover rice with boneless fish, seafood fried rice or like todays recipe the remnants from a poke bowl or sushi night, the result is a flavorful and satisfying dish that you can whip up in a few minutes.

Like i said the secret to a successful fried rice recipe with leftovers lies in the preparation. You want your rice refrigerated for a day or up to three days is ideal, as it dries out and separates well during the stir fry, no one likes mushy fried rice. For this fish fried rice, i used the rest of a poke bowl with marinated tuna and salmon leftovers, but i decided to call it sushi fried rice instead hahaha, why not, same principle and sounds better, also another good tip for fried rice or any kind of stir fry is to cut any added proteins and vegetables into small pieces for even cooking and distribution throughout the rice. Let’s get started on this simple yet delightful recipe.

Leftover Sushi Fried Rice

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Rating: ★★★★★
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Leftover fried rice is not just a quick fix meal, it’s a smart and delicious way to repurpose ingredients, ensuring nothing goes to waste while still enjoying a freshly made meal.


  • Salmon – Leftovers (+/- 60gr)
  • Tuna – Leftovers (+/- 60gr)
  • Rice – 200gr (already cooked)
  • Onion – 1
  • Garlic – 2 cloves
  • Carrot – 1/2
  • Egg – 2
  • Olive Oil – One Tablespoon (Or Sunflower Oil)
  • Fish Sauce – A dash
  • Soy Sauce – A dash
  • Chives – A pinch
  • Pepper – A pinch
  • Salt – A pinch


  1. Start by sautéing in a large frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil, the sliced onion and diced garlic with carrots, fry until golden brown.
  2. If need be cut the salmon and tune in similar chunks, then add the salmon and tuna and let them fry until golden.
  3. Add the cooked but dry rice (freshly made rice doesn’t fry very well), mix and season with a dash of soy sauce and fish sauce.
  4. Then push the rice to one side of the pan and add the two eggs, barely whisked with a pinch of salt, let them fry on the side of the pan, then crumble the eggs and mix with the rice, taste and season with salt and pepper or more soy sauce if you think it needs, serve sprinkled with a little chopped chives, bon appetit!
Notes: Here are some quick tips to make amazing fried rice, start like i said with cold dry and already cooked rice, preferably a day old, use high heat to cook fast and make the rice more crispy, cook the eggs apart and then join with the rice, don’t add the uncook eggs on top of the rice, prep all the ingredients before cooking, because you will be cooking fast, don’t fill the frying pan or work, you need some space to fry everything (if you have too much, do it in batches), season lightly and taste at the end to adjust.

This recipe for Leftover Sushi Fried Rice was originally created on BakeAfter.com. Esta receita de Arroz Frito de Poke foi publicada em português no Iguaria.com.


Per Serving: 650 calories; 30 g fat; 60 g carbohydrates; 50 g protein.

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