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Amazing the time has come…. hehehe i know! This was a long time coming, encase you don’t know, my name is Hugo and for years I’ve been running Iguaria a very large and pretty famous Portuguese cooking site and for years everyone has been asking when can i write these recipes in English, I know I KNOW, but life sometimes doesn’t give you time for everything you want todo, however the time has come, at least for this ;D

Is Bakeafter a English version of Iguaria?

Hummm yes and no, on one side it will have a lot of the very best recipes from Iguaria, that just makes sense, you know the ones, the cream of the crop (like Macho Man Randy Savage said hehehe), only the best, so while Iguaria and Bakeafter will have a lot of similarities, they wont be equal, some articles and recipes will be shared, but Bakeafter will be focused on the very best, this is for 2 reasons:

On one side Iguaria is kinda my cooking book, so i sometimes post recipes that are just ok, i ramble about random cooking stuff and ideias or even post bad recipes that i don’t want people to copy hehehe, I do whatever i want on Iguaria and that will remain, so Bakeafter is a more focused project, aiming to cut right to the good stuff, instead of 6 articles about diferent views on the same thing ill try and make just one, instead of 5 variations of a similar cookie ill try and choose only the best recipe.

On another side this is a bit tiresome and hard work, for every recipe i need to plan, shop for ingredients, make the recipe, take photos and videos, edit everything and then write on the site, posting multiple times a day and making lots of content is good for social networks, search engines and popularity, but isn’t good for quality and usability, sooo although it would be nice to be paid for all this, that is not the reality and it feels like it will never be a full time job, but that’s ok with me, so while i don’t want to change Iguaria, i can change on Bakeafter, so Bakeafter will be more focused on quality and for a while ill be mostly re-posting Iguaria stuff to have a nice base with a bit of everything, but will eventually diverge and have its own stuff, so for now lots of content, but it will slow down and be like a weekly/monthly thing and now a multiple times a day thing, that’s the reality and that’s a more realistic goal!

This is a very Beta launch! ;D

Also please bear with me, I’m launching the site in a sort of Beta stage hehehe, I’m still not sure about somethings like logos, design, structure, so expect changes, i just felt it was time to launch or else times flies and i move to other projects and this never gets launched my initial play was a Christmas 2022 and now im launching on Valentines 2023 hehehe, so if something is broken send me a e-mail or comment, or well if you have a good idea…

And as always i hope everyone likes it and finds it useful have a great one! Ahhh and feel free to comment, make questions or even if you need a sympathetic ear, feel free to comment or send me a e-mail, i reply to all even the not so good stuff ;D

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