Cottage Cheese with Honey and Walnuts


This is a delicious and simple Portuguese style dessert, you could even say a Mediterranean style dessert because there are a lot of different recipes with a combination of a fresh cheese with a sweet like sugar or jam.

This version is a combination of Portuguese pressed goat cottage cheese called “requeijão” with some nice honey and some walnuts, it’s normal to be just the cheese and honey, or with different kinds of dried fruits, whatever you have at hand, it’s a simple sweet but a delicious one, it’s a perfect Summer dessert, because the cheese will be nice and cold.

If you don’t have “requeijão” just use any kind of cottage cheese to your taste, try and get one that is more dry and less liquid, you can also drain the cheese in a cloth and keep it in the fridge ill give more instructions below, so it will harden enough that you can use it in this dessert, just cut it into cubes.

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Cottage Cheese with Honey and Walnuts

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Super simple portuguese dessert with cottage cheese, honey and wallnuts, crunchy, creamy and sweet!


  • Fresh Goat Cottage Cheese – 200gr
  • Walnuts – Taste (+/- 80gr)
  • Honey – Taste (+/- 40gr)


  1. There is no real recipe, just cut the cottage cheese into cubes, drizzle some honey on top and add some walnuts, and please make sure the cottage cheese is cold, it just makes it all better, enjoy!
Notes: To drain cottage cheese, just roll it into a clean cloth and tie it very tight, then put a colander or something that can drain on top of a bowl and put the parcel of cheese on top, so it will slowly drain, and the liquid will go to the bowl. You can also, after 12 hours, re-tie the cloth to make it even tighter to drain even more, after 24 hours you should have a more solid cottage cheese.

I also use a very plain rosemary honey, but my favorite honeys tend to be stronger tasting like eucalyptus honey, I would recommend that for this desert, it will be more yummy and less sweet.

I also like to add pistachios or almonds of I don’t have walnuts, also to be honest I don’t add as many walnuts, just 2 or 3 halves, but I wanted a nice picture, but it’s a plain dessert that you should make it according to your taste, you like dried fruits than add more, you like it sweet, then add more honey!

This recipe for Cottage Cheese with Honey and Walnuts was originally created on Esta receita de Requeijão de Cabra com Mel e Nozes foi publicada em português no


Per Serving: 365 calories; 21 g fat; 31 g carbohydrates; 16 g protein.

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