Traditional Easter Sweets from Portugal


Easter in Portugal is a time of celebration but also of tasting some yummy sweets, where traditional recipes take center stage. From the savory tenderness of roasted pork or lamb to the hearty cozido à Portuguesa shared with family, especially at sunday easter lunch.

But it’s the desserts that truly shine at least for me, with a spread of pão-de-ló, creamy leite creme, rich doce de ovos, sweet rice, the festive bolo ninho, and the customary folares or sweet breads, there is a sweet for any taste.

This article will guide you through some of my favorite Easter sweet staples, ensuring that you can easily turn your Easter celebration with a a ton of flavors and aromas from Portugal. 🐣🍽️✨

Traditional Easter Sweets from Portugal

Traditional Portuguese Easter Sweet Bread – Let’s “rise” to the occasion with Portugal’s traditional Easter sweet bread also known as a “folar” hehehe, this is a delicious and simple enriched bread, absolutely delicious simple, but also eaten with butter and jams, its amazing like 2 or 3 day old toasted slices OMG its heaven!

Portuguese Spiced Cookies
Portuguese Spiced Cookies – These are some cute and easy typical cookies from the Ribatejo region of Portugal, simple to bake, but the spices make all the difference from a ok cookie into a almost addicting cookie 😀

Typical Portuguese Sweet Rice Pudding
Typical Portuguese Sweet Rice Pudding – One of the most popular and common sweets in Portugal, sweet rice is sold all over the place and baked or cooked for almost any celebration, its easy and delicious and there are 100 different recipes to choose from, from more simple and plain versions, to very rich versions like this one ;D

Caramel Custard from Portugal
Caramel Custard from Portugal – This is a tradidional sweet from Lisbon, its something between a caramel and a classic portuguese milk custard, its not super popular but its one of my favorite sweets of all time!

Easter Rolled Sweet Bread with Pumpking Jam
Easter Rolled Sweet Bread with Pumpking Jam – Classic modern portuguese folar, this has as a slightly sweeter dough and a pumpkin jam filling, so not so much a sweat bread but more like a cake, although still called a bread 😀

Rustic Honey Cinnamon Cookies
Rustic Honey Cinnamon Cookies – Love these classic cookies from Portugal, simple, delicious super rustic, just shows you don’t need to have a billion ingredients and lots of frosting and fillings to make a yummy cookie 🙂

Creamy Traditional Carrot Cake with Chocolate Frosting
Creamy Traditional Carrot Cake with Chocolate Frosting – Love me some carrot cake, well i love all kinds of cakes with fruits and vegetables, it just creates a more intense and authentic flavours, its makes a huge difference, and this case with a nice frosting of dark chocolate, this is dangerously addictive! Perfect for any party!

Sericaia Cinnamon Pudding Cake
Sericaia Cinnamon Pudding Cake – Classic Alentejo sweet, its something between a cake and a pudding in texture, super light, not very sweet, thats why its sometimes paired with a cherry jam, but alone its still a marvelous sweet perfect for any Easter table.

And that’s it, hope you enjoyed these recommendations, all of these sweets are truly typical Easter sweet from Portugal, some are super traditional and some are more modern and fun, if you try some at home, come here and share your results, also the recipe of the main article photo is the classic and delicious portuguese egg custard also known as leite creme (creamed milk) hehehe Enjoy & Happy Easter!


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